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transcription practice Have you just graduated from transcription school without any real world transcription practice? Did you take the past 5 years off to raise your kids and now need some free transcription practice? Do you want to gain experience doing real world transcription? If you answered yes to these or any other similar questions, then this is the transcription practice for you.

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Free Transcription Practice

The following link is for free transcription practice files. There are three medical transcription practice files and three legal transcription practice files. These are great transcription practice files for beginners or for the experienced transcriptionist. This transcription practice is perfect for anyone trying to practice medical, legal and general transcription. These files will also help you practice controlling audio playback with a foot pedal control. Or you can manipulate the playback with your F4 F7 F9 F10 keys on your keyboard until you are able to get your foot pedal. You can also find a free download to a wav player on that site also. The completed transcriptions in pdf format are also supplied that you can view and check with your own finished product.

Click HERE to get FREE Legal and Medical Transcription Practice

When you finish the transcription practice audio files, come back to Medical Transcription Jobs to land your first transcription job from our daily updated transcription jobs.

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