general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Closed Captioning Transcriptionist

FL-Fort Lauderdale, The Transcriptionist will be responsible for Broadcast quality closed captioning of all television media providing the viewer with a text version of the audio during a pre-recorded television show or infomercial. Our shows range from :30 spots to 60 min programming. As the closed captioning Transcriptionist methods utilized vary, but most commonly relies on sounds and phonics by listening to the a

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Transcription Help Required for Weekly Job

I am looking for help with a regular transcription of an audio series

i will send you a three hour audio file each week. i would like it to be transcribed and reasonably formatted.

i have at least 5 hours to get started immediately.

Please could you let me know the cost per hour and your turnaround time for the weekly transcriptions. Also i would appreciate it if you could let me know your previous experience with transcription.

These transcriptions are lecture audio and the turnaround time is important.


Posted On: February 19, 2016 04:48 UTC
ID: 206995306
Category: >
Skills: English, Microsoft Word, Transcription, Typing
Country: United States

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Transcription service

- type up meeting minutes from an insurance board meeting (risk&audit committee)
Meeting is approx 3 hrs long with multiple parties

Budget: $20
Posted On: February 19, 2016 08:07 UTC
ID: 206996143
Category: >
Skills: English, English Grammar, Transcription, Typing

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Transcribe Interviews (10 Interviews total of 5.5 Hours of audio) by NN443

These interviews form part of research and the requirement is for accurate transcription of each interview. There are 2 people on the interview i.e. the interviewer and the respondent. Te requirement... (Budget: R210 - R1750 ZAR, Jobs: Copywriting, Data Entry, Technical Writing, Transcription)

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Transcribe an archive of audio files

Description: We're looking to transcribe some audio files, or parts of an audio file, into plain text. We have ...
Category: Admin Support
Required skills: audio transcription, english, word processing
Hourly budget: Duration - 6+ months; Hours/week: 1-10; Rate: Not sure
Job type: Public
Freelancer Location: United States

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45 mins of Transcription

I have 45 minutes of transcription to be transcribed from audio files. Need completed in 48 hours please, the sooner the better. Thank you

Posted On: February 10, 2016 05:39 UTC
ID: 206926179
Category: >
Skills: English, Proofreading, Transcription, Typing
Country: Canada

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I am looking for someone to transcribe my Periscope broadcasts. I would like the transcription to then be broken down into usable facebook posts, instagram messages with images and tweets.

Posted On: February 10, 2016 07:05 UTC
ID: 206926627
Category: >
Skills: English, Transcription, Typing

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Transcription needed

I have a few recordings in English which need to be transcribed.

Ideally, please give me a quote per ten minutes of recording.


Posted On: February 10, 2016 09:20 UTC
ID: 206927205
Category: >
Country: United Kingdom

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Interview transcribing for review into innovation

On-going project likely to be repeat work. Currently 6 interviews conducted but perhaps up to 4, hour-long, recordings per week.

Fast turnaround needed for transcription within 24 hours.

Posted On: February 10, 2016 09:47 UTC
ID: 206927354
Category: >
Skills: English, English Spelling, Transcription, Typing
Country: United Kingdom

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Transcription of 50min podcast

I need a transcription of an audio podcast (49 min) from English  - what would the price of that be?
Thank you,

Budget: $20
Posted On: February 10, 2016 10:19 UTC
ID: 206927517
Category: >

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Quality Transcriber needed


I am looking for a loyal and professional transcription specialist who can transcribe 1hr 14 mins of an MP3 audio interview.

As for transcribing tips, just type what you hear as best you can and indicate words you can't hear in brackets with a time code (e.g., [unintelligible; 10:45]). You can then ask me to fill in the blanks.

I'm not expecting a completely verbatim transcript, with all the "ums" and "you knows" and false starts. They can be omitted but it must be very accurate and coherent.  I am expecting you to use your judgement so that the text flows and makes sense.

If you are interested or have any questions, I would really like to talk to you some more.

I'm going to put a minimum budget because I have no idea what to put, so please ignore what I have put in the job description.

Many thanks


Budget: $40
Posted On: February 10, 2016 11:10 UTC
ID: 206927780
Category: >
Skills: Transcription
Country: United Kingdom

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Voice Transcriptionist

CO-Greenwood Village, Caption Colorado is a leading provider of real-time television captioning in the US. We provide quality captioning to some of the best newsrooms in the television industry. Around the clock, every day we service locally owned and operated stations for most of the largest television ownership groups in the nation. We also provide coverage for many cable sports networks from coast to coast. In addit

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Need Transcription of Voice Mails

Transcribe approximately 5-10 minutes of voicemail messages.

Posted On: February 09, 2016 08:46 UTC
ID: 206918625
Category: >
Skills: English, Transcription

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Transcribe videos

8-10 videos, 2-5 mins in length, need transcription in English to basic text file

Posted On: February 09, 2016 12:41 UTC
ID: 206919842
Category: >
Skills: English, Proofreading, Transcription
Country: United States

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FAST Audio Transcription required! 100-125 Minutes of interview


I have some audio which I need to be transcribed, quickly, and most of all ACCURATELY.

The audio is of two people, an interviewee and interviewer having a casual conversation.

It is 5 interviews each about 20-25mins long (so in total 100-125mins)

- The audio is in English
- Will need a fast turnaround
- Audio Files will be supplied in a MP3 format
- Transcription will need to be supplied in Microsoft Word format or similar
- Transcription needs to be formated with the names of the people who are speaking (please see attached image for example)

- Please only apply if you have a proven record of transcribing accurately.

Thats pretty much it! Any other info you may need, please message, if you feel this is something you can do, then apply !

Budget: $75
Posted On: February 02, 2016 19:58 UTC
ID: 206870813
Category: >
Skills: Active Listening, English, Transcription
Country: United Kingdom

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