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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcriptionist (Okarche//Kingfisher//El Reno area)

Needing a PRN transcriptionist that lives in the Kingfisher/ Okarche/El Reno area to type medical tapes.


English Transcriptions

Good English transcription of various audio sources, some from the internet, some sent directly to the freelancer. All audios will have a good sound quality and will be casual spoken English with little technical jargon. I am looking for a ratio of no more than 3 hours per hour of material.
Formatting will need to be done according to some simple but important guidelines.


Transcribe 1hr Interview

Require the services of transcriber.
I have recorded an interview with a parent of triplets and would like this transcribed into text in a word document for my book editor.

The interview is a mother of triplets - Vicky who has a partner Karen and they have 10 year old daughter Alexis and almost 4 year old triplets Cooper, Lachlan and Lily. This interview is their story to be published in a book.


Transcribe an interview well

I need someone to transcribe a recording of 45 minutes in English. The job must be done without typos, and with no additional need for editing.


Need a Video Transcriber

I'm looking for a video transcriber for this project and many future projects as well.

Aside from giving me a proposal for this project, please also let me know how much you usually charge per minute.

For this project, I need to transcribe 18 to 19 minutes of video.

The video is just a recording of me describing how to do something (screencast video).

My voice is very clear and easy to understand.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Transcribe a 34 minute interview

I have a phone interview to be transcribed. Would prefer native English speaker, as the speakers in this interview do not have American accents.

No need to transcribe words such as ums, ahs, false starts or stutters.

I just need a Word document of the interview, there is no need to use time codes.

If you do a good job, it is likely that I will have other interviews that will need to be transcribed.


Transcribing 2hrs of Video (in English) to Word Doc - 99% accuracy needed

I will be sharing a google download link for you to download the video

I need all the talk transcribed with very precise accuracy.

The only thing I would ask is that when the audience asks a question that you just annotate with (AUDIENCE) and every time the speaker sitting in the chair gives a response please annotate with (GARY).

Thank you.



Perfect Person needed for Transcription. I will pay 20$ per audio hour.


Video transcription

Transcribe 1.5 hour video; exclude ums and ahs. Must be comfortable with Indian accented English.


transcribe 2 day workshop

I have an audio file of 2-day workshop, about 14 hours I'd like transcribed in english on microsoft word.



I have lectures and tours which need to be transcribed. The language is mostly English, with an odd word in a foreign language which could be written just as it sounds (no need to research), but should be consistent throughout a lecture

I provide the audio recording. In general, there is a tour which is 8-10 hours long, generally provided on a Monday night/Tuesday morning and 2 3-hour lectures provided on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and Thursday night/Friday.

I need a word document with the transcribed version within 3 full days, and preferably less time.

I can pay per hour of recorded audio (meaning, you earn according to your speed of typing)


1 1/2 hr Interview Transcription + Potential for Ongoing Jobs

- Two informal interviews to be transcribed.

- Interview is a conversations between two people.

- MP3 audio file length: 1:22:38.

- Paid per recorded hour, commensurate with experience and language fluency.

- Material must be kept private and confidential.

- Discretion to omit general chatter, 'umms' and 'ahhs' is a bonus. Transcription does not need to be entirely verbatim.

- Familiarity with Australian accents is a plus.


Audio Transcriptionist

Looking for an Audio Transcriptionist that can provide quick turnaround for documents. (Within 24 hours)

Materials will be in the Real Estate field of terminology and will have multiple parties speaking.

Will be able to provide link to audio content electronically to be transcribed and must be able to deliver back on time as requested.

Must be available by email during normal business hours.

Please ask any questions you feel will be necessary to accept this job.


17 short videos to transcribe

We have 17 short videos in English to transcribe. If you are interested, please send us your CV plus your rate per audio minute. We will also need to know roughly how many audio minutes you can transcribe per hour.

Thank you!


Transcribe MP3 Audio Recordings of interviews of famous, interesting people

I use the MP3s for my radio show, but also want to transcribe it.

I have dozens of interviews 30-150 minutes each, many with famous people-- Senators, researchers, internet visionaries, psychologists, anthropologists, neuroscientists, whistleblowers, CIA and NSA spies... fascinating stuff

I will test your performance on a recording of one of them, then I have many additional comparable length MP3 recordings. Some were done on the phone and some were done face to face, using a Zoom digital recorder.

I'm looking for turnaround time, quality and price.

When I say I want an hourly rate, I mean the rate to transcribe one hour of interview, not the time it takes to do the transcription.

Also, please let me know if you will offer a discount for larger quantities of recordings.

I do interviews every week, sometimes several. I have about half of them transcribed. So this could be an ongoing relationship.



Type audio recordings
1 hour long recordings
Type in word document for a client to read and understand dialogue and send back to us as typed document


Transcription job

Need to find someone to partner with to transcribe my weekly blog post and client recordings from coaching calls.


Transcription of an audio file ASAP

Please listen to the following audio file and let me know if you can transcribe it ACCURATELY. Also, let me know the total cost of the job.


Transcription of 3 group discussions

3 research group discussions to be transcribed. The lengths of the groups are 1:43, 1:24 and 1:23

An experienced transcriber is needed for this job, ideally with experience of research groups. They will need a very good level of English.


Transcription help needed

16h of digital audio content to be transcribed. Needs to be highly accurate, correct grammar and spelling.


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