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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Podcast Transcript

I need to have typed transcripts of monthly podcast audio.

There are 19 existing podcasts varying between 19 and 25 minutes.

Each month there will be new podacast to transcribe.



I have 1 audio hour of a multi-speaker meeting (3 participants), audio is very clear. The accent is UK and there are some general medical terms.

Turnaround for this is Saturday August 2st by 9AM Pacific.


Transcription 38 minutes

Typing of Service: Transcription

duration of 38 minutes


Speaker : 2+

delivery 4 days


2 Hours Transcription

I have around 2 hours of fairly clear audio that needs to be transcribed by Sunday Afternoon EST.

Please only take on this job if you can do it within the completed time frame. If work is done in exceptionally high quality, a good bonus will be added.

Individuals who include samples of previous work will be STRONGLY preferred.


Interview Transcription for friendly person

I am interviewing HR & L&D Directors for a book I'm writing. Each interview lasts an average of 30 minutes and is about basic business and people topics, no technical jargon. Most of the people have British accents. The pace is normal talking speed with pauses.

We are not in a hurry for the transcripts, a couple of weeks for each of them is fine. We will send each of them through as they are done, so for example we have 3 now, and should have a couple more in a couple of weeks.

We're looking to agree a price for 10 hours of transcription to start with, we will likely need more than that by the end of the project (possibly double!).


Transcription of interview and meeting recordings

I am looking for someone who is willing to help me transcribe audio files collected during research. Some are interview recordings and some are recordings of meetings. My price is negotiable, but I am looking for someone to do transcription for a FIXED price of approximately $30 per RECORDED hour (and adjusted based on the number of recorded minutes). I have nearly 20 hours of recordings. I am also willing to send this work to multiple transcriptionists. To start, I will send you a shorter file to see how it comes out. I will pay you for this, of course. If it is a good transcription, I will send you more materials.



I need someone to transcribe my audio recording within 24 hours turn over.
The audio is about 45 minutes and in Australian accent.

Please only apply if you have transcribing experience and skills.


Transcripting interviews

I have made 6 interviews that I have on audio file that I will need to have properly transcripted. Spoken language is english. I will provide a formatted template and audio files once the job has been confirmed.


A Big English Transcription Job

Deal all,

Now I have a series of English videos need to transcribe.

The video refers to IT field.

Due to the quantity of videos, I now am looking for several professional transcribers to finish this job together.

If you are English native speaker, if you are professional in IT field, if you can type fast, welcome to propose this job.

If you are interested, please take the first one minute as the test and kindly let me know your best unit rate.

Look forward to working with you soon




Interview transcription

I have an audio recording of a WWII veteran that I would like to have transcribed. The recording is predominantly myself and the vet, but a third person occasionally chimes in. Please let me know how you charge, as I've not done this before. I will have further transcription work available.




Transcribe MP3

I have about 40 minutes of MP3 recordings that need to be transcribed. I need a quick turnaround (1-2 days). If you perform well, will have future work.


Transcription of English Interview

I have a approximately 120 minute interview that needs to be transcribed to a Word document.

There are two audio files that range from 50-70 minutes. I can send you the audio files in .mp3 format.

There are two people speaking English. Both are native English speakers and should pose no trouble in understanding.

The job needs to be finished in 36 hours.

Thank you.


30 minute Audio Transcription

simple 30 minute audio transcription into a WORD document
the file is 14MB and i will send you a Dropbox link if hired


Transcribe 7 English (British) interviews

We need transcriptions of 7 interviews in British English.
They are interviews with people talking and we need the full text, exactly as they say it.

You need good English writing skills. There are many difficult words.

There is a timecode that needs to be written down with every new sentence.

The files are ca. this long:

1 - 45 minutes
2 - 26 minutes
3 - 40 minutes
4 - 48 minutes
5 - 46 minutes
6 - 57 minutes
7 - 50 minutes


Transcribe 90 minute MP3 files to MS Word in English

90-120 minute MP3 audio needs to be set into a Word document in English. (This Word document I will later edit into script format.) A 14-day turn around is required. Accuracy is required.


Transcriber of audio programs

Looking to hire an experienced transcriber to transcribe audio programs.

Please provide examples and reference.



Require a transcription of a 30 minute radio interview in English. The interview is also in English.

Must have good spelling and comprehension skills.


Video Transcription Project

Looking to hire someone to transcribe 6 videos, 5 to 7 minutes long each. We also need the transcription edited by you, so it is readable. I'm needing to line someone up for this project today, to be ready to start on Tuesday 07/29/14 and complete on same day.


Transcribing an interview

I would like a written transcription of an interview that I conducted that runs just under one hour.


Experienced transcriptionists needed

Experienced transcriptionists needed. Must have own equipment, be able to turnaround 2 hours of focus group in 24 hrs. Work usually comes at nights and Fridays but could come at anytime. There is no exact amount guaranteed. It's usually feast or famine. 14 year old transcription company with several gals that will give references we always pay. Pay is 80 cents per audio minute for one-on-ones and 90 cents per audio minute for focus groups.


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