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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Interview transcribing

I require a freelancer to transcribe approximately 25, 30-50minute interviews within the next three weeks. Each interview is one-on-one, with varying amounts of background noise. Freelancers would need to first complete a successful test. Freelancers need to be familiar with Australian accent.


Transcription of 3 interviews


Looking for 3 interviews to be transcribed. Approximately 3 hours in total. Need it completed by Wednesday, 29 July 2015.


Audio Recording Transcription

I have a 1 hour and 18 minute presentation from a moderator and three panelists.

I would like to have the audio transcribed into a word document.

Please let me know if you need any other information to provide an estimate for this project.


Audio Transcription-Seminar_part-1

Hi There, I am looking for two or three transcribers who could listen to recorded seminars and transcribe them into WORD files.
Transcribes should be ready to start immediately.


Looking for transcriber for 1 hour 20 min video

Looking for transcriber for 1 hour 20 min video (English)

This video is about "starting a blog, driving traffic, and monetizing" so the ideal client should have onlnie marketing / business relate background.

The video is a YouTube video and can be watched here:

Please apply with rate - I'm looking to put out many more similar videos in the near future.



We are looking for a professional transcriber with excellent English skills who will be involved in several projects we are running.

We currently have an urgent need for transcribing a 2-hour recording, and then we will provide more work.

All our video and audio recordings are high quality files, you will have to understand different accents and transcribe the recordings with a bit of editing, where English grammar is not the best in the audio or video files.

The topics are be related to business, training, meetings, sales conferences so any previous work experience with this kind of topics is preferred and considered an advantage.


Transcription of voice notes

Transcribing short voice notes and categorizing them. There is a backlog of voicenotes that need transcription. The first job should take 1-2 hours. After that I need someone to transcribe English spoken voicememos once a week for approximately 30-60 minutes.


1 hour of audio transcription

I have 1 hour of audio to be transcribed. I need this completed by Tuesday 7/29 in the morning.


Interview Transcription + Research - Los Angeles, CA

Hi,I'm Charlie Latan. I am a writer for Flaunt Magazine and an LA Weekly contributor.I recently interviewed Tim Roth for Flaunt's next issue (143: London<->LA). It will be the issue's cover story.I'm looking for an intern seeking editorial experience who would like handle transcriptions (95 minutes) and possibly do background research on Tim to assist with the article.If you're interested please email me.Please include a resume that highlights relevant experience and/or interests in the arts and entertainment.Thank you!


45 Minutes Transcription

Looking for a general transcriptionist to transcribe 45 minute audio file that can submit the file within 12 hours. They are interviews and need to be typed either clean verbatim, verbatim or paraphrased.
Must have experience with transcribing.
You need to able to return the completed work within 1-2 days.
If your work is good and the turnaround time is quick you will be used for the other companies in the group.



Transcribe audio to text 43mins

Looking for fast turn around and accurate transcription of audio to text. 2 British voices. Put into .doc format.


Diary transcription

I am looking for transcription of audio notes that I make to myself. Unfortunately, my voice doesn't work well with voice recognition, and I tend to record snippets of thoughts which I need written down. They are typically either diary entries, or reflections after I have seen an emotional counsellor, and so are of a personal/sensitive nature. There's probably 10/15 mins a week - and it takes me about half an hour to transcribe. I accept that transcription by someone other than me will not be perfect, at least initially.

This might extend into further work - I'm dipping my toe in the water to try it.


Transcription of 19 minute Recorded Interview

Need a clean transcription of a 19 minute phone interview. Interview is on mortgage and financial matters so there may be some jargon but should be easy enough to follow.


Transcribe audio interviews (Anchorage)

Need journalistic minded person with patience and skill to transcribe audio interviews (which I need for a long-form story I'm writing). Confidentiality is a must. Also need business references.

Hourly, no benefits. Independent contractor with 1099 for IRS.

If you really have the skills to listen to a series of recorded interviews and type up every word that is spoken, every tear shed, then send your name and all other pertinent information (including personal/business websites, social media, references) to me via craigslist email. Must include real name, and personal or business email for any future contact.

I am in Anchorage and prefer local person.


Podcast transcription

Hi, I have a number of English language business and personal development podcasts that I would like to have transcribed into text. This initial transcription job will be for a 10-11 minute podcast and will be a trial run for future transcription projects.


Technical Video Transcription

I am looking for a native English speaker to transcribe a 15 minute video tutorial on the basics of Linux. The job will pay $20 upon completion.


Transcribe digital audio files

I need someone who can transcribe digital audio files into typed word documents. I am looking for someone who is fast, accurate, and who is available for ongoing work when needed.



I have a 1 hour recorded phone conversation saved on an mp3 file I would like transcribed. The file quality is good and all parties (3) are clear.


Experienced Transcriptionist - MUST Understand Australian Accent

- there will be approx 1 hour of audio per week to transcribe

As part of the application process,  

attached is the first file for you to transcribe (just the first 3 minutes of this 12-min. Recording) as a test.

This is to determine how well you transcribe go with that before we hire you for good.

Deadline of submission is within the next few days. Speed and accuracy will be the deciding factors.

Please submit transcription back in .doc format


Looking for transcriber for 55min video

Looking for transcriber for 55 min video (English)

This video is about "social media marketing for getting clients online" so the ideal client should have marketing / business relate background.

Please apply with rate - I'm looking to put out many more similar videos in the near future.


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