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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcribe a series of 12 x 1-hour presentations

I have 12 presentations - me talking in English over a PPT presentation. I need them transcribed into a word document per presentation.


Transfer Audio from Cassette Tape to CD & Transcribe Into Word Doc

Listen to Audio Cassette Tape, then Transcribe it into a Word Doc and burn each side to one CD. This is a native English speaking gentleman, just not sure of the clarity. I am also not sure of the total length, but the cassette is at most 90 mins if both sides are full.

We agreed to a price of $1.00/minute for the transcription. I will need a price for the 2 CDs to be burned.

Also, just add in $20 for the shipping so I can cover the cost for you to ship the tape and CDs back to me. The Word Doc can also be burned to a third CD. Be sure to use a method where we can track the shipment, as this is the only copy of the cassette that exists so it cannot be lost.


Need my MP3 interview transcribed into microsoft word doc

I have an interview which is in mp3 file format, It needs transcribed into a Microsoft Word doc.

The interview is roughly 21 minutes so it's not too big a job.

Need the writing to be completely error free and word for word.

Thank you

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We are currently seeking typists and proofers for a very busy transcription company to transcribe and proof on a daily basis. Applicants must be resident of the US or Canada and have at least one year experience in general or legal transcription You must have a good working knowledge of MS Word and Start Stop Powerplay. Remittances for projects start at $1.00 per audio minute up to $1.40 per audio minute, depending on the project.

Only candidates chosen for a test will be contacted.

Thank you .


Transcribing the Audio from a 1 Hour Webinar

I would like someone who is fluent with English and can understand an English accent (vs American), to transcribe the audio from a webinar that I recently led.

The webinar lasted around one hour.
The audio should be typed into a word document format.
Any words that are not well understood should be added as [unknown] with a time stamp from the video so that I can fill them in later.



I need a 7 minute audio blog post (spoken in English) transcribed in the next day or two. Ongoing weekly transcription work for the right service (quality, speed of service, price).


Video Transcriber

An Australian business is in need of a video transcriber. We are looking for a freelancer with experience in transcribing videos with Australian accent.


Interview transcription

2 interviews, each of about 50 minutes require transcription, clear audio, no back ground noise.


Transcribe videos to text

We need someone to transcribe dozens of videos for us.

We will send you links to youtube videos, you will transcribe them and send us the results as plain text in an email.

Proficiency in the English language is a must, as our speaker talks fast!


Video Transcriber (English)

I have 20 short videos (ranging from between 00:30 seconds to 05:00 minutes that I need transcribed in English.

All videos are spoken in English, but I need each line transcribed along with the relevant video timecodes.

I'm looking for someone who is experienced, and who doesn't make mistakes. You must be fluent in English to be successful for the job.


Irish Interview transcription

I need someone to transcribe 12 interviews, with an average length of about one hour. Interview respondents talk very fast with Irish accents. You need to be able to understand Irish accents very well.


Experienced Spanish transcriber needed for periodic overflow work.

Experienced Spanish transcriptionist needed for periodic overflow work.

The material is typically academic or corporate in nature -- focus groups, meetings, interviews, documentary footage, oral histories, dictations, etc. Typically, ums and uhs are not required, though in certain cases a completely verbatim transcript may be requested.

File formats are MP3, WAV, WMV (video), and occasionally MOV. Experience transcribing and timecoding video is a plus, though not required. The work is very flexible and assignments can be accepted or declined per your schedule.

The rate offered is $51 per hour of recorded material transcribed, prorated to the nearest minute of recorded material transcribed.


Interview Transcription

I need 6 fast and accurate transcribers.
Interview Transcription
$20.00 per hour of audio
TAT - 24 hours
I need to hire ASAP


Transcriptionist needed

I have lots of old letters that I need help transcribing them. I will send you copies of the letters and would like to get the transcribed files back.


Transcribers Needed (toronto downtown)

Midas Letter Financial Group Ltd. requires fast and competent transcribers immediately to transform audio and video content into transcripts for inclusion with audio and video content iterations. Must deliver 99% accuracy and be able to transcribe quickly. High volume = higher compensation. Paid rate is $1 per audio minute of prefect transcription.

Content is transcribed from native English speakers. Punctuation is critical. Software transcription is not acceptable.


Transcribe audio files to text

I have about 2-3 hours that I need transcribed to text. I would send the files via dropbox and need word documents back.


Transcription of interviews

I will have 5 - 10 interviews that need to be transcribed. They are good quality digital recordings (.aiff format) They are all about an hour. There are two (sometimes three people) talking.


Transcribing 31 minute long interview

In total this is a 31 minute long (in total) transcription project in two parts - interview is in English and what I need is a word by word transcription of each of them.

Experience required and to be able to complete the work by Sunday (the earlier the better so please indicate when you can do this when you apply) - please proof the work before sending it to me.


Audio transcriber required

We are looking for a competent transcriber. We have a number of interviews with professional athletes which are 10-20 min in length. With many more in the pipeline for the right candidate.
Must have strong written English skills

Please contact me if you believe you are a suitable for this position.


Transcribe Audio Note 30m interview

I have a 30-minute interview that I need transcribed. It was recorded in AudioNote so I can send the file via email. I'm not too sure how to convert it as I have only recently started using this program.


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