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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcriber Wanted Work From Home (Brevard County)

Looking for hourly part time person, whom we will provide a website and log-in credentials to listen to our customer's calls to be transcribed into typed written documents.

Must have: Full home office, complete with virus protected reliable computer, fast internet connection, accurate transcription ability.


Transcribing Video into written docs

I have about 5 hours of video that I'd like to have transcribed into a word document. Would like all audio that was recorded to be transcribed into a word document.


Looking for Native or Fluent English speakers to transcribe 3 conversations

I have about 8 hours of conversation amongst artists that need to be transcribed. It consists of 3 dinner conversations. One dinner has about 5-6 speakers. The other two dinners has about 10 each. I would like this transcribed semi verbatim. No "ums" and "ahhs", but keep words like, "this is", "its" etc. I am looking for Native / Fluent English speakers. I would prefer to work with some one based in the U.S. A knowledge of the arts, critical discourse and politics is helpful as some of the conversations revolve around this but it is not necessary. Please note: I will listen to the transcription when you are complete to insert the names of speakers. My main concern is that you transcribe the conversation I will distinguish between speaker 1 and speaker 2, etc.


Transcription of phone call

Type up recording of half-hour conference calls. Separate speakers by paragraph.


Transcription (Hartford)

Searching for people with excellent typing skills to produce multi - specialty transcripts for CT. transcription company. Must have excellent typing, accuracy and grammar skills. Should be well versed in working in a fast paced deadline oriented environment, and be willing to work weekends and nights as needed. This is a remote position, so you please have your own equipment. Computer and fast internet capabilities required.


Live Audio Transcription

We are looking for someone to transcribe live audio from a series of conferences. You would be expected to dial in to the conferences via phone and transcribe their contents in real time (you would not be permitted to record audio of the conferences). Your hourly pay would be based on the length of the conference, not on the time it takes you to complete the task.


transcribe 8 interviews 7 hours 15 minutes total

I have 8 interviews, 7 hours and 15 minutes total requiring transcription.

The audio is clear, we all have Australian accents.

All interviews are with one individual and one interview except for 2 of them where there are two interviewees and an interviewer

I will need you to distinguish between interviewer and interviewees. If possible, provide a timestamp every 5 minutes

I need this done ASAP so will prioritise anybody who can work on this sooner rather than later at a good price.



We have approximately 120 minutes of audio (.wma format) that we need transcribed into text (.doc format). The formatting of the document would be:
Q: [question posed by mediator]
A: [answer given by one of 2 parties Male & Female)

English language is used for the audio interviews and all text is to be done in English. Text needs to reflect the exact words used in the audio interviews and should not be a summary.


Video Transcription

Listen to a short two minute video and transcribe what is said.

>Do not include "hmm" and "err" in the transcription.
>Do not correct for grammar mistakes but transcribe as spoken.
>Use punctuation where appropriate.

Due to intellectual property, I will provide the freelancer with a link to the video when job is accepted.


Seeking transcriber for entrepreneur interviews

I'm looking for an excellent transcriptionist to help me transcribe a brief (34 minute) phone interview with a U.S. entrepreneur.

The audio quality is good and the content is fairly straightforward. The ideal candidate should be able to work quickly, be detail-oriented, and be willing to do a bit of googling to make sure they have the right terms and proper nouns (I am happy to help too).

I often need transcription help for my job, so this could turn into a more regular gig.


Transcription of 82 minutes research interview (clean verbatim, 3 spekers)

Transcription of 82 minutes research interview. There are three speakers on the recording which should be separated.

This is clean verbatim transcription so the text should be written as it is spoken but without filler words.


English Transcriber

iSoftStone is looking for English Transcribers to collaborate on a challenging, short-term (3-6 month) project. The project involves listening to English audio recordings and typing out the speech of the speaker into English text.

- Listen to English audio files
- Transcribe the speech to text and tag the meaning of the text appropriately

- English American Native speaker, with good spelling, reading and writing skills
- Born in USA or spent the youth in USA
- Basic computer knowledge and typing skills
- No other technical skills are required - full training is given
- Access to a PC running Windows OS
- Stable internet connection
- Committed to meeting deadlines

Employment Conditions:
- Full training provided
- Work from home
- 14-20 working hours per week (with flexible schedule), more hours possible
- Competitive task-based rate


Transcribe Call Notes Into Finished Text

I run a fast-growing consulting firm, and I am looking for a detail-oriented admin to go through phone call notes, recognize what's important, and type them up into finished text for my clients.

Here's how this will work:

1. I will send you one finished transcription sample that I've done myself. You'll get complete notes, and what they've turned into for the client.

2. We will have a conversation (as many as you need) to make sure you understand what's required.

3. You'll do a quick test run for one phone call's notes, and we'll review it together on a Skype video call.

I am looking for somebody who:

- Is a native English speaker with a strong grasp of the nuances of the language.
- Is VERY detail oriented
- Has the ability to recognize important snippets of text which meet the criteria I will share with you once we begin.
- Follows proper sentence structure, with good punctuation and command of English.
- Can follow detailed instructions


Transcription of dictated notes to word documents on an ongoing basis

Transcription of meeting notes into word documents. This would be an ongoing job as I attend several meetings a week. I dictate notes onto a sound file.


12 Hours Of Clear Audio Transcription to be done in 3 months

I have 18 audio files that amounts upto 12 hours and I need it to be transcribed within 3 months.Please apply only if you are fluent in English and capable of completing this job. New Contractors are welcome.


Transcription for 33 minute podcast

Transcription needed for a 33 minute podcast about internet marketing.

It's in mainly American accent with an Australian interviewer.

I have an example transcription and the audio file.





Are you a whiz on the keyboard looking to turn your typing skills and love of words into a fruitful telecommunicating job? Allegis Communications is the leader in recorded statement transcription for the property and casualty insurance market; this means that for those motivated and with top-notch skills, we have a strong flow of work available. Allegis has secure software and on-line access to jobs using transcription tools you already have.

We hire the best to become full and part-time independent contractors. Production and quality minimums are established within the contract and are reviewed on an ongoing basis; contracts are up for annual renewal considering production and quality levels.

What you'll need to succeed:

- Two years of transcription experience, or educational equivalent

- Ability to transcribe multi-party audio statements into formal documents, using specific and exact formatting guidelines

- Ability to consistently meet production and quality level minimums

- Intermediate computer knowledge/skills

- Possession of:

  • Windows-based PC (no Mac)

  • Full, valid version of MS Word

  • Digital USB foot pedal

  • Proof of US residency*

  •

    Audio Transcription Services

    I am looking for assistance with transcription services and other value added services. I will post audio on dropbox and will be looking for your help with the following:

    1. Transcript the audio
    2. Develop 200 and 500 page executive summaries of the audio teachings
    3. Extract 5-8 impactful quotes to be used for social media
    4. Develop a framework for each lesson based on what you heard in the audio
    5. Save steps 1-4 on dropbox in a well organized manner.


    Inteview Transcription

    I have the audio of 7 interviews (in English, ranging from 30 mins - 1 hour) that need to be transcribed. The quality is fairly decent (perhaps a lot of background noise in one).


    Transcribe Board Meeting Minutes

    I have an audio file (MP3) approximately 2 hours long that needs to be transcribed into meeting minutes into Word. There are 7 people, though usually only 3 are contributing to the meeting conversation. The conversation may include side discussions that are not necessarily a part of the minutes, so if transcribed verbatim I can delete these. Once the minutes are edited to only the important elements of the conversation the total minutes fit into 3-5 typed pages. The meetings are every other month, so this could be in ongoing job.

    I can provide more explanation if needed.


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