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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcribing a podcast

Hi there

I need a 60 minute audio podcast (English) transcribed. I will submit an audio file to you and I just need it transcribed within 1-3 days. Can you provide me pricing and turnaround time for such a job?


Transcription of 1hr weekly radio show

I need a contractor to block time every Tuesday to transcribe a 1 hour radio show.

The show will take place every Tuesday at 8AM EST. You would be sent a link to an audio file, like this one:

The file will be submitted to you by 10 AM EST. And I need you to get it back to me later that evening no later than 6PM EST. The deadline is firm. The file will be about 60 minutes long.


Part time transcriptionist

Part-time transcriptionist wanted.  Would email digital files with dictation for typing by applicant at their location.  Typing would be for web site, web blog, novel and other personal project dictation.  Applicant must have transcription equipment/software, computer with sound card, Word, access to Internet and email.  


Transcribe a 23-minute interview

I have an audio file (25 minutes) interview in English. I need it transcribed into a word doc. It's a very easy to understand interview and the audio quality is good, so it should be a very quick, easy process.



Hi, we are looking for someone who can transcribe our weekly podcasts.

Candidate must:
1. Be available every week
2. Have a quick turnaround
3. Strong English skills
4. Return a "clean" transcription (leaving the ums and ahs out that occur in interviews).

Please send me your rates (hourly and/or per project).


Transcription Needed

I need several sections of a Real Estate seminar transcribed.
Each section is about 1 hr 30 min - 1 hr. 40 min. long.

I need it done within 48 hours after you receive recording.
and available to start immediately.
Person needs to be proficient in English and spelling.

Thank you.


Audio transcription

Transcribe 51 minute interview between a doctor and a patient discussing a disease and how the patient got cured.


Transcribing about 2 hours of a taped live Webinar

I have about two hour of a live webinar I did on a natural approach to ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity).

I need it transcribed.


Audio Transcription - 60 minutes for $15

I have 60 minutes of audio to be transcribed for $15.
Good quality sound, template will be provided to you.
Turnaround time must be within the next three days.


Transcription English Interview (25 minutes)

Looking for someone to make a transcription of 25 minutes interview.

I need it before Thursday.

Kind regards.


Translation & Transcription Project Manager

About the Job

Medium size New York City based Language Company located in the Times Square area seeks Translation & Transcription Project Manager for full time position. This is a key position in the company and will involve working closely with the Translation Department Manager to ensure complete customer satisfaction and compliance with all government and private contracts. Candidates must have experience with Project Management, excellent time management and organizational skills, and the ability to multitask. If you are serious about starting your career, are looking for a challenge, and want to be a part of a rapidly growing company, then this is the ideal position for you!


General Transcription

I'm seeking to hire 3 EXPERIENCED transcribers, I expect an accuracy of 95% and above. Payment will be done weekly and the rate is $20 per audio hour.


Transcribe Interview

Hi everyone, I would need someone to transcribe one interview:

The type of Record: Interview Transcription, Duration: 50 Minutes. There are two speakers, one interviewer and one person, who is interviewed.
Please transcribe in true verbatim (that is, transcribe sounds such as laughter, pauses, repitions, uhms, ahs, fals starts and stutters).

You need to ensure me confidentiality, since this interview is part of ongoing research.

I am looking forward to your proposals,



English Transcription

We're looking for someone to transcribe a one hour meeting, between two people.

This is a one time project for now but we may be looking for more transcription services in the future.


Interview Transcriptions

I am seeking a high-quality transcriber to transcribe about 20 hours total of audio-recorded interviews over the next several months. The interviews are 1-on-1 and the audio quality is high. I would require turnaround of 10 days or less for each interview once it was sent.


Interview transcription

I have a recorded telephone interview that I would like to have transcribed into a Word document - this one is a little over 1 hr 20 minutes long and is broken into 5 .mp3 audio files.


Transcribe 10-hours of audio

I have about 10 hours of audio recording across multiple files that need to be transcribed. The recordings are of 2-4 people talking in English. The person talking needs to be referenced as [person1], [person2], etc. I also need time marketers when the speaker changes. Example, [person1][05:02:03].

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Presentation Transcription

I need a recording transcribed of a presentation that is about 1 hour & 45 minutes long.

The recording only plays on Apple devices or with QuickTime or iTunes on Windows.

The file is very large and will be delivered to project winner via Dropbox. Delivery in MS Word.


Transcription Project

I have audios that are 90-120 minutes long I need transcribed

Pay is $25 per audio hour

IF you add on the screenshots from the videos (that match the audio) I will pay a $10 bonus per transcription


Transcribe 35 minutes of audio

35 minutes of recorded conversations that need to be transcribed. Good spelling and punctuation. This does not need to be formatted into a presentable document, just the text is great.


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