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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Interview Transcription TAO

I have a 4 audio files extracted from video interviews I need transcribed. Timecode stamped every two minutes.

Total length of the files is 1 hour 40 minutes.

I only need the answers of the interviewee, not the questions or any dialogue from the person conducting the interview transcribed.

Audio files for your to reference are in the Apple / iTunes compatible AAC format


Seeking Experienced Interview Transcriptionist (U.S. ONLY)

I am a small transcription company looking for someone to assist with overflow work.

If you meet the following below, please respond with a brief description of your experience (no resumes), your contact information, availability, and per minute rate.

You must:

1) Have a strong grasp of the English language (U.S. only).

2) Have the ability to download and play audio and video files.

3) Have a foot pedal.

4) Proof your work thoroughly.

5) Be available for good as well as not so great audio/video files.

6) Be able to produce client-ready work.

7) Be able to meet deadlines.

I have been a transcriptionist for over 20 years and I've seen it all. You know your skill level, so please do not respond if you are looking to train, if you have less than three years of experience, or if you are not able to complete projects on time.

I typically assign projects in the evenings or early morning (for those who are available during the day). It is expected that you can turnaround one-hour of audio in 24 hours or less.

If it takes you longer than five hours to complete one hour of audio, please do not respond. I need someone to hit the ground running.

I hope I don't sound too harsh, but I don't want to waste my time or anyone else's. While I cannot promise ongoing work, I have been very busy. Basically, I would send you an email letting you know that there is work available and you have to option to accept it or decline.

Please note that I pay every Friday (late afternoon/early evening) via PayPal. Just like I don't expect excuses from you, you will never have excuses from me when it comes to being paid on time.

I am not a big company, so please keep that in mind when providing your rate.

I will provide more information about myself if I feel like you are a good fit. I would like to start assigning files in the AM.

Thank you.


Audio Transcription Needed

Up to 5 recordings of Business Meeting that are needed to be Transcribed.

The meetings need to be transcribed with the most important parts of the meeting being highlighted.

Max time of recordings is approximately 6 hours.


Mp3 transcription

Hey there I have many interviews on mp3 audio and I need them transcribed to PDF for reading. Thank you all and i look forward to working with you.

Best Regards.

Jamil Jama



I have 10 audio's needing to be transcribed. 5 of the 9 are about 30-40 minutes and the remaining 5 are no longer than 10-15 minutes.


Audio Transcription: $24 - $36 per audio hour, depending on experience

Our mission is to provide fast, accurate transcription to our clients, and we are looking for the best transcribers in the business. We pay between $24 and $36 per audio hour, depending on your level of experience and length of time working for the company.

We have a team of transcribers that work however and whenever they like. Join our team today and experience the freedom that being a freelance transcriptionist allows.

Experience required!


Podcast Transcription

An hour long podcast transcribed...


Transcribe webinar

I need 1 hour of English audio transcribed, into a word document, and edited to make sense as an eBook. I will have to send you audio, it's too big to upload.


Part-time Transcriptionist (At Home)

Administrative Claim Service, Inc. is hiring transcriptionists who are setup at home to type audio files recorded by our client insurance company personnel. Transcriptions need to be turned around in 1 to 2 days and assigned through our proprietary software. Ideal for the person looking to type 15 - 25 hours per week. We will train on how to use our system. Microsoft WORD required.


Interview transcription

I have 4 files that I need transcribed:

File 1 -> 4:33 minutes
File 2 -> 8:26 minutes
File 3 -> 15:23 minutes
File 4 -> 9:51 minutes

The 4 files are from an interview & there are two people speaking. There's some ambient noise but it's pretty clear and easy to understand. I would need the text in a word document. I WANT THIS DONE BY A PERSON, NOT A MACHINE. It's really annoying to get files with obvious mistakes done by a translating software that would have never happened if a person was listening to the audio.

I need this done ASAP so please include the time of delivery with your quote.
Thanks! :)


Interview Transcription

Very straightforward - I need two on-camera interviews transcribed, the total time is just over an hour.


Saturday transcript

Transcription from recording:
65 to 80 CENTS per minute,
25+ minutes weekly,
about a half-hour almost every week.

Every weekend except around holidays, I narrate a webinar for my customers and describe my current stock market opinion.

Transcription of the first 25+ minutes is needed within 24 hours after I send it to you Saturday at 11am ET.

Jargon? There is jargon. But it's the same jargon every week, and I don't mind proofing any word/sentence you highlight for me.


Transcribe Audio Presentation

We require accurate fast typist to transcribe a presentation currently on audio into a word document. 1 file approximately 2 hours long in English.



I have written a book by speaking it into a microphone, each chapter is a separate audio file that I need translated into American English/American Grammar. I am hoping to find someone who can do that in 1 week or less.


Accurate Interview Transcription

I am in need of an accurate and efficient transcriptionist to help with a current project. This is a possible ongoing job for the right person. English MUST be your native language, as the project content requires an understanding of subtle nuances of the English language.

**Must be able to produce accurate, strict verbatim transcription, with every single utterance recorded.** I will provide a format example and further details to the successful applicant.

Pay is .40 US per audio minute ($24 per audio hour), and there is a 24 hour deadline for one audio hour. Please acknowledge in your bid that you understand the pay is per audio minute/hour, and not reflective of the actual hours worked.


Transcribe 48 minute Podcast with Potential for recurring work

I have a bunch of podcasts I need transcribed and would like to find a native English speaker to work with. To start with, I have one 48 minute podcast I need transcribed with high accuracy. It is mainly 1 person talking (may occasionally be a conversation between 2 or 3 people). Please quote based on this one transcript, but also include what you charge per minute for future podcasts. I prefer a fast turnaround too.



We have approx 30 minutes of video. We need time coded srt transcription of the video. Audio is clear.

Prior experience in doing time coded transcriptions is essential.

We are looking to HIRE ASAP.


Project based rates for Transcribing Interviews

I will be having approx 20-22 hrs of audio taped interview data done via iPhone.

Need a transcriber who can do this verbatim and is not too expensive, as I am a student.

Payment will be made on a lump sum project or audio taped number of hours, not working hours.


Transcriber wanted

We'd like you to transcribe audio/videos

We have a project of 100+ content ebooks/audios/videos
that we want them transcribed into easy to read organized PDF ebooks.

We need a super star transcriber/writer who loves what he/she does.

If you have a little background about "Internet Marketing", that's a plus!

Accuracy and speed is what we are after.

We'll test you with one project.

if we love your job, you'll be hired for the rest of the projects.




Transcribing audio interviews

I have approximately twenty 1-hour audio interviews to be transcribed into text.


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